Approved by the Assembly of Members on February 2017, 24

Network program

To achieve the strategic objectives declarated in art. 2 of the agreement, in particular with regard to products and services of the biomedical, biotechnological and bioinformatics sector, the Members intend to implement the following network program: 



engage in research and industrial development related to the human health sector of BioHighTech products and services, in particular in the bio-medical fields, in vivo and in vitro diagnostics, medical informatics and bioinformatics, IoT and Industry 4.0, biotechnologies for innovative therapies and/or for the agri-food and/or for the environment, technologies for the ambient-assisted living also by participating in calls for research and development of the sector; 



share lines of communication aimed to design and encourage information, training and marketing services initiatives through the creation of the “BioHighTech Net” portal, keeping its intellectual property;



to promote the activities of the Network’s companies, also operating in science and technology parks and business incubators, facilitating access to all the useful services for carrying out their activities; 



provide public and private establishments with consultancy, study and analysis services also developed by the regional CBM cluster or national clusters (for example ALISEI) or international ones; 



encourage the birth and the growth of start-up of the BioHighTech sector as well as the expansion of the activities of Network’s companies both through the development of activities of the IoT sector and / or more generally, in the Industry 4.0, and through the search for suitable financial and logistical solutions; 



provide assistance services in administrative and fiscal matters, business organization, technology transfer, IT services, training with particular regard to the personnel employed in the operation of companies belonging to the network; 



exchange information about national and international competitive tenders, community, state and regional legislation; 



provide assistance services in the cooperation between Network’s companies and public and private legal entities operating in the national and international territory to develop innovative products and services;



provide useful assistance services useful for facilitating the access of companies  to financing and / or contributions coming from subsidized, regional, national and international programs; 



supporting the member companies interested in participating in public and / or private competitive tenders at national and international level and developing common technical assistance services for specific geographical areas.


The network program may also be implemented through the other adhesion to the present contract of any company interested in integration into the BioHighTech sector and / or in collaboration with the member companies.