Life to your BioHighTech Ideas

The first business network between companies in the health sector





Business System Innovation

Creation of a synergistic ecosystem among entrepreuneurs, researchers and healthcare providers.

Smart Specialization Strategy

Smart Health Strategies implementation plans and growth in the BioHighTech sector

Industry 4.0

Fourth Industrial Revolution as smart factory model and access to financial support

Internet of Things

Development of the BioHighTech sector supported by inter-networking of biotechnologies


ESOF2020 meets Confindustria Venezia Giulia

ESOF2020 meets Confindustria Venezia Giulia

The appointment is for Wednesday, April 17 at 9:30 a.m. at the auditorium of the Centrale Idrodinamica in Portovecchio. Stefano Fantoni and Sergio Razeto. Esof 2020 and Confindustria Venezia Giulia. Science to Business, the objective. The aim is to go through R&D...

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NADIATOOLS: por-FESR project at the finish line.

NADIATOOLS: por-FESR project at the finish line.

Nadiatools started in April 2017 with the projects approved and funded by the por-FESR with a budget of over one million euros. Nadiatools discovers the results obtained with two years of work, Thursday, March 28 at 17:00 in Trieste, at the Starhotels Savoia Excelsior...

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BioHighTech NET presents itself in Brussels

BioHighTech NET presents itself in Brussels

The President of BioHighTech NET, Diego Bravar, will represent the Network in some meetings that will be held in Brussels on 25 and 26 February with representatives of the European Commission and its consultation bodies. The most significant meeting will be held on...

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37 BioHighTech companies to develop Smart Health sector in Alpe Adria Area. BioHighTech NET means Biotechnology, Biomedicine, Bioinformatics and Services. All toghether, with their skills and the advanced support of the Research and Social-Health Authorities.

  • BIOMED 47% 47%
  • BIOTECH 18% 18%
  • BIOICT 20% 20%
  • Services 15% 15%