Interreg ITA-SLO



Below is a list of the projects eligible for funding under the Programme created to promote innovation, sustainability and cross-border governance (involving the 4 provinces of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the province of Venice and some regions of Slovenia), with the aim of creating greater competitiveness, cohesion and livability.


Advanced Regenerative Therapies Ecosystems

Lead partner:
• AOU-UD, Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria “Santa Maria della Misericordia”,
• UNIVERSITA’ DI LUBIANA, Facoltà di farmacia
Research organization:

The project, lasting 30 months, aims to develop and implement new therapies for regenerative medicine personalized for the treatment of osteoarthritis. Protocols will be developed and joint clinical studies implemented at the University Hospital of Udine and the Valdoltra Orthopaedic Clinic (Koper) will be carried out for the validation also in Italy and Slovenia of advanced therapies approved by the Regulatory Agency in Spain, using innovative medical devices for the automated expansion of autologous stem cells (“GMP-in-a-Box”) developed by VivaBioCell Spa (Udine).

Project value: € 1.285.297,50
Admitted contribution: € 1.092.502,87
Received contribution: € 1.092.502,87


high ThRoughput screening and big data Analysis for INnovation

Lead partner:
• ICGEB, International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
• Istituto Jožef Stefan
• Parco tecnologico di Lubiana
• Experteam S.r.l.
BioValley Investments S.P.A.
• Scuola post-universitaria dell’Istituto Jožef Stefan
Associated partner:
• Regione FVG – Direzione centrale salute, integrazione socio sanitaria, politiche sociali e famiglia
• Istituto nazionale per la salute pubblica della Slovenia

The project aims to combine current expertise in biomedicine (Ita) and bio-informatics (Slo) to improve the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases such as myocardial infarction, difficult wounds and neuroinflammatory diseases. The outputs of the project, at the end of the 30 months of work planned, will be: 1) biological and bioinformatics services for the identification of new biomarkers and therapeutic compounds; 2) models of disease in test tubes; 3) validated kits ready to use; 4) technology transfer to biotech companies. It will benefit SMEs, clinical professionals, students and researchers, patients and health systems. The approach starts from the combination of two scientific fields, the involvement of the SME partner in a case study and the transfer of results to companies. The cross-border approach is essential because only by combining complementary expertise in the programme area can greater scientific, economic and social impact be achieved. The project is innovative because it combines for the first time two distinct areas of research in the development of ready-to-use kits for professionals in the biomedical sector, thus increasing the potential for marketing and use across the cross-border area.

Progetto value: € 1.243.702,22
Admitted contribution: € 1.057.146,89
Received contribution: € 1.057.146,89

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